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In today’s business world, many organizations talk about cloud computing technology and the aftermath of enabling both internal/external teams to work on a single platform and communicating with their stakeholders effectively anywhere anytime.

For cloud-based development, you don't worry about keeping track of the hardware, the operating system, the database and the web servers. You just write your application code using one of the languages offered by the provider. The service provider meets your business needs by creating an environment in which you can develop your application-an application that will scale instantly on demand. You will only pay when it does scale. So you can build an application without worrying whether your user traffic requires building a 12-lane highway or a dirt road.

Infrastructure Management:

In today’s round-the-clock business environments IT infrastructures are being stretched to their capabilities and need for zero down-time has become a reality. In Bean Infosystems we provide end-to-end IT Infrastructure Management Services to clients managing their IT infrastructure and supporting their users with Help desk services.

We use a six step approach to provide improved and sustainable IT Infrastructure for clients:

---- Understand clients application and business needs
---- Review existing environment
---- Analyze client needs and current infrastructure
---- Present options and choices of technologies
---- Implement the project
---- Manage environment