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15 Tips for Hiring & Retaining Best Talent in any Organization

1. The task of hiring best talent for your organization is highly complicated and challenging. With all the exposure to digital media and with scarcity of skilled employees, deputing the good chunk of talent for your company is a daunting task. You can somehow appoint good talent, but how to retain them is another question which remains difficult to answer. Hence many companies have chalked out plans for appointing and retaining best talent. Some of such tips are:

2. The companies should provide quarterly retreats around the world, which means the employees can go on a world tour every three months with paid holidays.

3. The organizations should initiate a personal development fund and the employees can use this fund for their personal needs. This fund should be renewed every year.

4. The employers should care for the employees to the point of exhaustion. The employees will sure think back about the employers and will be always grateful to them.

5. Medical expenses, insurance expenses and all annual deductibles must be reimbursed from the company to the employees. The companies should provide a fun casual work environment with music, energy drinks, flexible work hours and with lots of time off.

6. Some companies may go all the way in providing in office massages, weekly lunches, occasional afternoon ice cream, in home massage discounts, department and company retreats.

7. If you hire great talent then listen to them. Give importance for their opinion on the ongoing projects, take advice regarding implementation of work plan and get feedback from them on completed projects. If you do all this, then they consider themselves being accounted for in your organization.

8. You can have a robust company culture which is accommodative for all ethnicities. Provide free health supplements, issue good bonus and additional perks.

9. For attracting the best talent you should first have an excellent brand image. Employer branding starts at your office premises, build strong culture, get good employee reviews and hire some HR consultancy to improve your brand image. A reputed brand image will automatically attract good talent to your organization.

10. The companies should focus on culture and morale. They should remove any kind of dress code, buy lunch for the employees weekly once might be on a Friday, should not be having formal office hours, employees should be allowed to take extended holidays and should allow them to work remotely from anywhere for couple of days in a week.

11. Keep on changing the ambience of the office and create an energetic work environment filled with vibrant colors with inspiring interiors.

12. Should provide personality development training and skill development training to your employees pertaining to their nature of job. Employees often want encouragement for their improvement efforts and your inclination will prove to be fruitful in retaining best talent.

13. The companies should always recognize the best work efforts of their employees and should reward them with monetary benefits or token of appreciation or by giving awards when they are successful.

14. If the role involved is important then offer relocation as part of the job offer which will make it more lucrative. If you reimburse their relocation expenses, then the employees will feel that you are seriously committed and it will attract best talent to your company.

15. Do not over watch your employees while they are executing a project. The employees need their independence and the best workers produce quality results when left alone to work. Guide them during work do not interfere and you will see the best outcome.

16. Streamline your onboarding processes. Once you recruit somebody, your job is not over. Your onboarding processes is your first impression in your employee’s mind and hence put your best foot forward and get them fully productive quickly.

17. Whatever might be your recruiting strategy, your main aim is to recruit the best talent and make conducive efforts for retaining them. The organizations across different verticals can follow the above given tips and adopt the necessary ones which suit their requirement to onboard best talent and retain them. Only by achieving best talent acquisition and talent retention any organization will be able to fulfill the projected growth goals and attain success.